5 Javascript Frameworks You Need to Know About

5 Javascript Frameworks You Need to Know About

A javascript framework will allow you to manipulate the functions of software by changing the code. They are often used in website design when a site needs to be unique and customised rather than just made using templates and themes provided. There are lots of different ones and so if you are trying to pick, then it could be difficult to know which will be the best for you. We have decided to give you more details about five that we consider to be the best. Do consider what you need from the framework before you pick one. It can be tempting to choose one that seems to provide the most, but you need one that will help you achieve what you want to. Below are just a few points and you can then look at each in more detail if you think that it will provide you with a useful service that will help you to achieve what you need to do. It is important to make the right choice so that you do not waste time and you make your experience much more efficient.


Angular is operated by Google and it is one of the most powerful JavaScript frameworks and is very efficient as well as being open source. It is usually used for producing dynamic single page applications. It will enable rapid development. It helps developers to write code and contains template and testing. It makes it easy to build tags and transforms templates into code which is optimised for JavaScript virtual machines so it has advantages over written code. It provides app-like experiences and will work on Mac, Windows or Linux. It has modern development and design features.


React is one of the best as it can have great results for SEO and can create dynamic and superior web traffic applications. It can be utilised with other frameworks and it is flexible being able to be used on server and client-side. It offers a cross browser interface which is dynamic so nothing will be incompatible. It is liked because it has a smooth front end development without the need for a complex framework. The application is comprised of several components, each of which has access to its own logic and controls. It makes use of a unidirectional data flow and makes use of the JSX file that allows the application to be easy to code and understand.


Vue is the top growing framework with developers. It is easy to understand and develop as well as integrate. It tends to use the term library to describe itself but when used with other tools it can be easily turned into a framework. It has simple and quick fixes for applications. It is easy to use n terms of API and design and any proficient web developer will be able to very quickly use it to create applications. It can be used to create sleek and modern interfaces and it is great for anyone that likes to create code which makes sense right from when it is created. Vue can be easier to use than some other options using methods that web developers will already be used to.


This is one of the most used backend Javascript frameworks. It makes programming much easier for developers. It can be utilised together with other front end frameworks. It can be used to create an app for web, mobile and desktop use. Any web application built with it will automatically be compatible with mobile devices and you can use it to convert your existing web apps into mobile apps. It is easy to use and has lots of functionality. It uses the same code irrespective of what you are developing – so it makes no difference if it is web, iOS, Android or desktop apps.


Ember is modern and designed for ambitious developers. It is used for building complex client-side applications. It is simple to use and have a good flow of functionality which means that it makes web app development a nice smooth process. It is easy to get started with it and there are lots of tutorials and guides that have been put together by developers so that it is easy to find out exactly how it works and what you need to do. It has traditional functionality which will enable users to provide a great application without being distracted by gleaming terms and modern frameworks that other similar frameworks have. It is open source and a huge range of web applications can be created using it. It is very adaptable and flexible.


Helping people can be really satisfying and it is the reason that I like writing. I like to be able to explain things to people and help them have a better understanding so that they can make the best decisions for them. This is why website building appeals to me as a writer. I know that lots of people need help with web design and so by explaining it and comparing different options. I hope that I have been helpful and will be able to make things clearer for those that are looking for a solution for their website design.

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